Tis the Lyme Before Christmas

My gift to all you Lymies  out there…..written last year when I was in remission……

Tis the Lyme before Christmas when all through the land,
Few Lymies are stirring, some too tired to stand.
They barely have energy to decorate at all,
Since Lyme’s fatigue and pain cast a constant pall.

Many anxiously lie awake in their beds,
While visions of medical bills loom in their heads.
Lymies with children can often feel cursed,
Their inability to do and guilt make Christmas worse.

With everyone else in the house fast asleep,
Insomnia and sadness cause Lymies to weep.
Daunting worries and fears in their heads make a clatter,
Angry because doctors don’t know what’s the matter.

Recalling another typical doctor’s visit this week,
White coat, rolling eyes, not listening to them speak.
Many went to each visit filled with new hope,
Only to hear “it’s in your head” and return home to mope.

Finally, the lucky ones meet a Lyme Literate Doc,
Feeling hope as he is listens-taking no time to mock.
Aware of current medical attitudes and bull,
He doesn’t patronize, their grateful hearts are full.

He looks at them kindly and then gets right to work,
Assuring them they haven’t gone berserk.
He says the pain and cognitive issues are real,
It is Lyme Disease that is causing what they feel.

These lucky Lymies start to hope despite themselves,
Surely this LLMD must be one of Santa’s elves.
He knows about coinfections and calls them by name,
And understands that blood tests can be a losing game.

He discusses Bartonella, Babesia and more,
Says Lyme kills immune systems causing infections galore.
He says each illness creates its own special hell,
Without proper treatment they can never get well.

He is sorry that Lyme has so hurt their health,
And now his tests will drain their Christmas wealth.
This compassionate doctor understands where they’ve been,
And he really wants to help them feel better again.

Sadly, insurance won’t cover what they need,
Testing is expensive, and inaccurate indeed.
But his eyes twinkle kindly and he says with a smile,
I promise you will start to feel better in a while.

As Lymies left his office, their lives didn’t seem so scary,
The Christmas decorations and music almost make them merry.
They carry a bag filled with new meds in each arm,
He’s treating clinically, to “do no harm”.

While they waited for results, Lymies educated themselves
Taking meds 6 times daily from overstuffed shelves.
With coinfections confirmed, they began treating them too,
Amazed to discover they weren’t feeling so blue!

They began shopping and decorating bit by small bit,
Some helping others whose doctor is a twit.
They happily read about new treatments and laws,
While their kids lay dreaming about Santa Clause.

They begin to hopefully imagine a future time.
When their world won’t be tainted by all-consuming Lyme.
Blogging and advocating to fight the good fight,
Lymies begin hoping with each passing night.

Each grateful Lymie learns from those went first,
While LLMDs and advocates battle ISDA’s worst.
We Lymies need to keep fighting each new day,
If we want this dreadful disease to go away.

Those of us able to feel Christmas cheer,
Know remission’s end could be dreadfully near.
They fill each precious good day up to the top,
Loving feeling normal, not wanting it to stop.

That is me in this current time and space,
Wishing each of you could be with me in this space.
I hope all you Lymies find Christmas peace and light,
Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.

One thought on “Tis the Lyme Before Christmas

  1. It sounds like a terrible thing to have to cope with. I don’t think people realize what you all go through, I didn’t have any idea. I just hope things get better for everyone affected by this disease..❤️


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